About Life Coaching

Life Coaching allows you to seek direction; set goals to reach the destination and ensures you are in the driving seat all the way.
In contrast to other therapies, life coaching doesn't prescribe an answer. What it does do is provide you with the resources for you to select the right pathway and identify the best means to get there, in the right amount of time and strategies to get the result you want.
You may have tried talking to everyone you know about the problem and not found a solution.
Therefore, through consulting with a life-coach means you will get confidential and impartial support in identifying both the problem and solution.
There is no set for formula to this approach, which means any messy situation can be understood and resolved. 
The issue may be people centred such as career development or understanding the cause of a difficult relationship. Alternatively, it may be person-centred such as how to be more assertive or develop confidence. In some instances the goal may be both people centred and person centred. In other circumstances it may be entirely individualistic like wanting to become a published author or develop a new skill.
Because of its broad scope, life-coaching is not limited to one-to-one clients and can be used in corporate group sessions. For instance, workshops to develop confidence , strategies to reduce stress and succesful goal setting. Check out my blog The A-Z To Business Sense for more info.
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