Direct Action was founded in May 2019 with its launch in August 2019, and has an objective to provide clients one-to-one life coaching sessions.
What is life-coaching?
Life Coaching allows you to seek direction; set goals to reach the destination and ensures you are in the driving seat all the way.
In contrast to other therapies, life coaching doesn't prescribe an answer. What it does do is provide you with the resources for you to select the right pathway and identify the best means to get there, in the right amount of time and strategies to get the result you want.
You may have tried talking to everyone you know about the problem and not found a solution.
Therefore, through consulting with a life-coach means you will get confidential and impartial support in identifying both the problem and solution.
There is no set for formula to this approach, which means any messy situation can be understood and resolved. 
The issue may be people centred such as career development or understanding the cause of a difficult relationship. Alternatively, it may be person-centred such as how to be more assertive or develop confidence. In some instances the goal may be both people centred and person centred. In other circumstances it may be entirely individualistic like wanting to become a published author or develop a new skill.
Because of its broad scope, life-coaching is not limited to one-to-one clients and can be used in corporate group sessions. For instance, workshops to develop confidence , strategies to reduce stress and succesful goal setting. Check out my blog The A-Z To Business Sense for more info.
Who am I?
I'm Chris! I have degrees in Social Sciences With Psychological Studies (2:1,BSc) and Psychology (MSc) from The Open University, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Social Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences, a Certificate in Psychology for Counsellors* from the Institute of Counselling and I have completed life-coaching courses. From a young age I had it in my mind to set-up my own business and as I started out I had this persistence to make this work. So, make sure you know what you want and keep moving forward! My Mum, whose no longer with us, made me realise that mantra. She also encouraged me to believe in myself, be my own person and use my Psychology. My degrees/studies have included theories into intragroup processes, learning styles, creativity, the relationship between personal control (individual agency) and outside forces (structural forces), stress, assertiveness, social change, group structures, social group processes, computer-mediated communication (living, learning and working computers), relationships at work, group development, familial structures/relationships, the Self, embodiment, the fundamental attribution error (judgements), conflict resolution and emotion.Being a distance learner meant I became good at goal-setting and meeting deadlines.
I have a personal interest in self development and goal setting. I also have overcome my own challenges, particularly with anxiety which I have sufered with much of my life. I thought that there was something wrong with me, and when I sought help I felt ashamed I was seeking it because to me there was a stigma associated with seeking help. When I sought support I really felt it was a private issue. In hinsight it is important to be open about mental health and to seek help when you need it. And how positive the guidance was, I learned that if I can deal with my anxiety, I can deal with pretty much anything. No more so than overcoming a major bereavement I never thought I would overcome and having to accept huge change in my life. Life coaching is not counselling, and should not be confused with this important therapy. For me, I've learned strategies to overcome personal problems and along with my passion for Psychology and self improvement, I decided to set-up this life coaching consultancy.
I'm experienced with the SMART and T-GROW models central to life coaching.
Owning and running two businesses: Direct Action Life Coaching Services and ItsSimpleWorld (launching VERY soon) I understand the challenges of running a business and working for yourself.
*Please note I am not a trained counsellor.
                                                                                         The Direct Action cake from our launch night in  August 2019
                                                                                         The Direct Action cake from our launch night in  August 2019
What I offer
One - to - one coaching
Your session with Direct Action Life Coaching Services is instantaneous thanks to Skype or FaceTime meaning wherever you are in the world you can get support within hours of decising to make a change. In our first session I like to understand what my client wants to achieve from life-coaching and we consider how long it will to make your objective a reality. We will also test out whether your aim can be met in the time you have set out; together we will consider the steps you need to make and how long each stage will take, who can help you, what you need and when you will make each step. I have various resources which can help you make these decisions. Initially our sessions will be weekly, but as we progress these will be more spread put to allow you to meet your objective. I will set tasks between each session to break down your objective into simpler aims meaning it won't be stressful or overwhelming for you.  To measure how you are progressing,  I will ask you to complete a 'Pre-Coaching Form.'  As part of the service I will provide you with an action plan which can be amended whenever leaving the objective completely in your control. There is no formula to life coaching meaning every client's journey will be different. This is why I love being a life coach as I can share your journey and help you make exciting changes happen.
This May, Direct Action is launching its Anxiety Course which includes over 25 new recipes in a radical plan to make your life easier. More information soon.
Do you feel life-coaching could be useful for you to seek direction? All consultations are online via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Life-coaching can help with a variety of problems or to help you get set on a challenge. Contact me on or on 07544 899 681.