How Are You Getting On Working From Home?

working from home can be daunting .

Introducing The Simple 5: 5 Steps To Working From Home Success.

Having completed both my degrees with The Open University studying at a distance and having worked as a freelance writer, and setting up my life-coaching and travel businesses, I know the pros, cons and not-dos working from home.
Even though, I decided mainstream freelance writing was not for me, I changed my life to become a life-coach.
As such, there is so much I can tell you about how to be effective both in time and output.
That's why I am hosting my FREE workshop 'The Simple 5: 5 Steps To Working From Home Success.'
With the world out of kilter, we all share the same anxious feelings, uncertainties and insecurities the Coronavirus has brought us.
And, this is even more confusing with having to work from home; the lack of physical face-to-face contact and the less personal support on offer. And, if you are home-schooling at the same time, it becomes like you are in another dimension. Want to see my step-by-step plan to a relaxed environment? Then join me for one of my free live 60 minute workshops during the week of 27th July.


29th July, 11.30 a.m. and 15.30

30th July, 11.30 a.m. and 15.30

Workshop is in English; specimen material is in many languages; if there are any errors in conversion please check this page and associated links; contact me to let me know if there are any errors so these can be amended.