Pinch of salt for sweet potatoes.
1 sweet potato per person, peeled and cut into chunks.
10 g butter.
3 eggs.
1 teaspoon black pepper.
Quarter teaspoon salt.
Quarter mashed avocado from the avocado on toast recipe; half of the chopped avocado from the avocado on toast recipe.
1. Add salt to a small saucepan two-thirds full of water. Add the sweet potatoes and bring to the boil. Then simmer for ten minutes on a low heat.
2. Melt the butter in a large skillet, break the eggs in a small bowl and season with salt and pepper.
3. Once the butter is bubbling, slowly pour in the eggs, swirling around the skillet until the eggs have covered over the butter and covers the pan with an even layer.
4. Remain over the skillet; as the eggs cook the sides of the omelette carefully push the uncooked eggs into the centre of the pan and cook until the egg sets.
5. Drain the sweet potatoes; placing over the omelette. Add the combination of avocado.
6. Transfer to a warmed plate and carefully roll; serve in slices with crusty bread and a green salad.

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