Are you the victim of Burnout? This causes extreme stress, illness and disengagement. Here is how you can stop it. Now.

1. Reset Your Space. Getting away from your stressor is a good method to de-stress quickly. Heading out for a coffee or going for a walk will help you ease any strains you have. However, if it is an ongoing situation where stress is constantly nearby and simple strategies fail to provide swift relaxation, physically changing around your work space will give you a fresh perspective.
2. Be Ritualistic. Create a time plan that incorporates work, exercise, and socialising. Make each day different through adding in different exercises or activities per day. Change the schedule each week to incorporate different work deadlines/commitments.
3. Take A Reality Check! Are you excusing tasks which need to be done now? Procrastinating is a mental block, no more so than when they accumulate. So, make a list and address each in turn. You will feel better, I promise!
4. Pause. Take time out and look at any patterns causing your stress. Ask yourself, “why am I stressed?” “What can I do differently to ease my anxiety?” “How can I notice this behaviour next time this occurs?”
5. Do Nothing. Embrace the silence, even if it's for several minutes and shut-down all thoughts as you embrace The Now.
6. Look After Yourself. To counteract any negative feelings, sleep well and eat healthily. Monitor your body for signs that indicate you are doing too much; provide further self-care if needed.
7. Take deep breathes. Then, ask yourself: “Why did I choose to do this job?” “What do I want to achieve right now?”, “How can I do this most effectively?"
8. Review Your Goals. Burnout can occur when you become confused with your goals. List everything that needs to be done and assess whether these are necessary. Remove any items that are not needed. Write a personal mission statement summarising your goals and allign these with your job. Place this near to your workspace to remind you as to what is important.
9. Avoid Putting Pressure On Yourself. Whatever you are struggling with, don't forget you are a successful person and you will see it through.
10. You Are Not Alone. Whenever you feel anxious, talk about it with family, friends, or seek further help.
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