Being assertive in a managerial role, working in customer service or in a challenging work environment can appear tougher when the employee is struggling to be assertive. This workshop is primarily for employees in these situations, although, it can also be helpful for candidates anxious about an interview.  I am very happy to offer this workshop to individuals requesting this: contact me on or call me on 07544 899681
As assertiveness is an individualistic concept, this workshop considers what being assertive means and considers any concerns or issues attendees have. This is done in a reassuring and comfortable environment.
I offer this workshop as either a 4 hour session, either a morning or afternoon, or a full-day, lasting 8 hours. Both include: -
  • Friendly ice-breaker;
  • Meditation session to relax attendees;
  • A summary of the relevant concepts of assertiveness ;
  • Evaluates attendees assertiveness style;
  • Considers ways to be assertive in different situations: these include personal presentation, communicating clearly, ways to ensure messages are heard, how to assert yourself at the same time as disagreeing in a response, saying no without appearing negative.
  • Reviews the latest neuroscience ideas surrounding assertiveness;
  • Debrief.

A full day workshop will go into more depth and there will be greater application. Because of timing, I can only apply to specific situations in your workplace on the full-day option. The full day course includes a free 30 minute consulation to discuss any specifics you would like me to include.
Each workshop, both half-day and full day, are charged at £80.00 per person per hour. Please call me on 07544 899678 to discuss.

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