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Adults doing colouring?  I know, unless you are a parent, you may think it's an odd thing to do. Yet, it is becoming increasingly popular. One reason is research has found that becoming engaged with such an activity relaxes the Amygdala: the area of the brain which is activated when we become stressed or scared.
Whilst the idea of adults colouring has very much become a commercial concept in the contemporary world with books on sale, the idea actually dates back to the 1970s when Philosopher Carl Jung proposed that colouring mandalas instigated inner calm: a form of meditation.  
If getting your coloured pencils out is not your thing, finding your own creative interest is as good form of meditation.  Although, there are many positive affects to finding your creative side, one noteworthy benefit is it cognitively diverts yourself away from the issue for enough time to pass that it may be reconsidered as not as bad as it originally thought.  
For me, I found learning to cook was a good way of dealing with anxiety. It took me away from obsessing over a problem.  The outcome was great as I could share the results with others.  My anxiety is now under control and over time cooking has just become apart of who I am which is an added bonus.
Moreover, Mindfulness author Dr Danny Penham notes that being creative may actually help solve the problem. For instance,  it will enable your mind to consider new ideas; it can also make you more attentive so you will consider the usefulness of new thoughts and will make you more resillient to set-backs.  I'd say, great reasons for finding the creative you!