CAREER 101 .
Go on a journey to locate the perfect career for you.
This programme proves very popular, with a 2 session programme designed to help clients find a direction when they are unsure where to go. Together we will focus your thoughts and identify a suitable route for you.
The first 90 minute session will discuss any jobs you are interested in, considers what your strengths are and establishes whether these relate to the job suggestions are right for you. If not, we will re-look at other options that could be more suitable for you. We will also look at classifieds to guide what you should be looking for and what to reject. I will use Mindfulness techniques to teach you how to relax during an uncertain process.
As part of the programme, I will design a speific career plan which will be amended as we journey towards your career vision.
During this session, I will advise methods to learn more about the job you want to pursue and how to make important contacts to make this career change happen.
Between the sessions, I will ask you to write a sample cover letter and produce a CV and send over to me so I can make some editing suggestions. We will adapt both in preparation to send out to pontential employers. Also,I will suggest exploring further vacancies or possible employers to contact and during this time we will follow-up any interesting options with CVs or formal applications.
We will review your progress in our second session: adapt any career choices upon review of your journey so far. If needed, we will prepare for interview, and I will design a rehersal in relation to the specific position you are applying for. We will also consider other options in case this is not successful. I will also use Guided Meditation techniques to help you ensure your vision remains in place as you continue your journey. The plan will be also amended as necessary, this will include identifying other opportunities to make your new career happen.
If needed, I can offer a further session at a discounted rate.
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