You are about to graduate, so it's time to plan for the future!
This 2 session programme is for Graduates aged between 21 and 30 (Under-Graduate, Post Graduate, and Doctorates) to guide you in developing the perfect career programme for your future.
It is advisable you start this three months before your degree is completed so that a career plan can be implemented smoothly after your studies are completed. This is important as your life will be completely associated with your final exams, and as much as you will long for time-off. this will also make you feel directionless and you will need some direction at this important time.
In session 1, we will work together to create  aplan of action to prepare for your post-university future. This will begin with strategies to relax you after your exams are over, for instance Guided Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga. I have been there, you work so hard for your final exams, and when you are told to stop writing that final paper it is extremely difficult to relax as you wait for your degree results. It is important to prepare for this, as you need to trust the long-term plans you that will unfold for you. Then, we will talk about what your career vision looks like: for instance, which areas you are interested in pursuing, sub career categories and discuss why they are relevant to you. Together, we will research suitable jobs, and filter out areas which may not be best for you. We will also make a career plan to allow this to happen.
I wiill set tasks between the two sessions, to help you move your journey on. For instance, writing a CV or cover letter; then over email we will make changes to ensure they are the best they can be. Firstly, I will make some suggested edits and secondly, if you are happy wth this, we will send it to suitable employers. Also, over email and on the phone, we will discuss adverts and classifieds you have seen which may be of interest to you and consider the pros and cons for applying for them. I will keep in regular contact through email and over the phone to how things are going and make further suggestions.
In session 2, we will review your progress and consider the further steps needed to make your career happen. This could be making adjustments to the career plan by considering a different approach or new path or preparing for interview. We will allso consider the long-term view and breaking down the objectives into smaller objectives along the way.
I will offer a further session, at a discounted rate if needed.
Change Now by getting in touch with me today! All consultations are online via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Life-coaching can help with a variety of problems or to help you get set on a challenge. Contact me on directactionlifecoach@gmail.com or on 07544 899 681.