GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... eggs are a great non expensive source of protein which will build muscle and ensure healthy bones.
Serves 4
350g Spaghetti
2 tablespoons salt (for pasta water).
1 tablespoon olive oil.
1 tablespoon black pepper.
1 tablespoon Italian herbs.
1 tablespoon garlic granules.
100g pancetta.
450g button mushrooms
100g parmesan cheese.
25 ml white wine
1. Bring a pan of water to a full boil; then salt. This will season the pasta and add flavour to the overall dish.
2. Add the spaghetti and stir; check the packet instructions, but as a guide most pasta cooks between 8 and 12 minutes. To know it is cooked correctly, it should be slightly chewy.
3. Drizzle olive oil into a skillett and warm on a low heat for several minutes. Then, add the black pepper, Italian herbs, garlic granules, pancetta and button mushrooms .
4. Break 3 large eggs into a medium sized bowl, add the parmesan cheese and whisk together with a fork.
5. Pour the egg-cheese mixture into the skillett; stir repeatedly to ensure a creamy consistency. Using a ladle, fill a mug with pasta water and stir into the carbonara sauce. Finally, add the white wine.
6. Drain the spaghetti and serve with the carbonara sauce and a side green salad.