Fed up with any of these?

  • Repeatedly dreading things
  • Worrying allot (all the time)
  • Having regular panic attacks
  • Not sleeping well

Don't worry if you raised your hand to any of the statements, I will let you in on my own secret ...

I should raise my hand too as I suffered from regular feelings of unease, constant tiredness and a fear of bad things were going to happen.
That is why I created The Direct Action Change Now: Anxiety Course.

Do you feel like you agree with any of the following :-

  • Living in isolation has made you feel like you are losing control.
  • A normal shop is stressing you because a familiar space has become unfamilar to you.
  • You crave the everyday, now long forgotten.
  • Seeing someone wearing a mask unnerves you as it feels like you have entered a sci-fi apocalyptic film.
  • The stress of this situation is making it difficult working from home, home-schooling or both.

If you nodded to any of them, the best way to adapt to the uncomfortable changes is to invest in the Direct Action Change Now: Anxiety Course.

As the course will be regularly updated to address different times and situations, the course includes an entire module on why the Corona epidemic is more than just anxiety inducing. With specially designed working from home aand home-schooling time plans and tips for those working from home and home schooling ideas, it is all included in this version of the course.

My Story

I am Christopher Fisher, life-coach and business coach. One reason I chose to set-up my own consultancy was because I am an advocator of Mindfulness, Guided Meditaton, living and eating well and self-development.
It was not always that way.
For many years I suffered from anxiety, living a trapped life; suffering from negativity; never being happy and finding fault with myself. I read every self-help book out there but these failed to provide me direction.
It felt anxiety regulated my life. For instance: -
  • My thought processes were often associated with distorted ideas based on ill thought-out considerations.
  • I would waste time worrying about issues which did not matter.
  • There was lack of focus, spending considerable amount of time being distracted on unfounded worries.
  • Family events were ruined for me as I spent time deliberately worrying about issues which were irrelevant. This was a form of self-harm amd now I only remember the anxiety rather than the event.
Although, I have a degree in Psychology and an MSc in the same subject, my previous job was a Freelance Writer. However, that made my anxiety rise as I never enjoyed the mainstream work.
Eventually. I sought help and over a course of months learned how to re-focus my mindset, through meditation techniques such as Mindfulness, and this has enabled me to regain control of my life.
After I lost my Mum four years ago, I decided to find direction by working in an area I would enjoy. As I have always been passionate about Psychology, particularly its social and cognitive approach, I chose to set-up my life-coaching business. With the challenges I have overcome, these have been an education in itself to be a Coach, however I have also undertaken courses in this field.
I want to share what I have learned about combating anxiety in this course.

What exactly is included in Direct Action Change Now: Anxiety Course?

Module 1: Understanding Anxiety

  • Find out how to anxious you are.
  • Defines anxiety.
  • Explores specific synptoms.
  • Considers different anxiety disorders and how to seek further help if you suffer from any of these.

Module 2: Anxiety & Coronavirus

  • Investigate specific situations or locations that are anxiety triggers and identify patterns in your behaviour.
  • Review the psychological ideas surrounding coping with ccatastrophes such as this.
  • Plans for those indiduals working from home or home schooling, which incorporates Guided Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga.
  • Suggestions for those working from home and having to organise home school.
  • Advice on how to manage change and how to find the positives in negative situations.
  • Strategies for navigating the new normal.

Module 3: Time-out Meditations For You

  • Discusses the psychology behind Guided Meditation and Mindfulness.
  • 10 exercises each for Guided Meditation and Mindfulness for you to try, and repeatedly re-use whenever you need them, which demonstrates the ideas surrounding each of the two individual disciplines and also applies them to how to cope with the Coronavirus pendemic.
  • Guided Meditation exercises designed for individuals working from home and for children to enjoy.
  • A Guided Meditation to help you sleep better, which can be used as many times as you want.
  • Discussion of keeping a journal and how Guided Meditation can help you make plans happen.
  • 10 exercises to encourage relaxation, this includes a yoga exercise.

Module 4: Chris's Meal Plan

  • Over 25 recipes in a radical plan to make your life easier. This includes recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The reason why this is innovative is all lunches and dinners for the suggested 7 days is made in one day, meaning you can place in the fridge or freezer and remove when you are ready to eat.
  • The plan includes a complete shopping list and reasons why each meal is healthy for you.
  • Highlights in the plan include the chilli burger and strawberry baked sweets.
  • The simplistic model can be used to structure your own catering plans after the course is over.

What's more ...

The course also includes 'My Experience Journal' which chronicles my journey through the Coronavirus pendemic. Also, each module includes an interactive quiz to check you have understood the material.

Q. How do I get access to the course?

A. The Course is being hosted on learning platform Learning Worlds; a link can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q. What do I need to enroll?

A. The course can be accessed via a laptop, smart phone and IPad. You are encouraged to keep a journal during the course, apart from this you do not need any other materials.

Q. Are Life Coaches regulated?

A. In the United Kingdom life-coaching is not regulated, and even though the course is offered globally, the material was constructed in the United Kingdom and, therefore, is covered by these internal policies. However, I have MSc Psychology and a BSc in Social Sciences With Psychological Studies. This, alongside my own experiences which I believe were an education in themselves in guiding me mean I am qualified to be a Life Coach and to create this course.

Q. The course includes a meal plan, are you culinary trained or a nutritionist?

A. No, I am neither. As part of my Under-Graduate degree I studied human nutrition. I am not a nutritionist expert, but as part of my process to deal with my own anxiety I have become extremely interested in cooking and eating well. Consequently, the plan has included considerable research to ensure it works for everyone who purchases the course.

Q. When does the course start and finish?

A. The course is accessable on Learning Worlds, and can be accessed whenever you want. It is completely self-paced and you can repeat any meditation exercise any time you want. In fact, the Guided Meditation, Mindfulness and relaxation exercise have been designed so that you can repeat them.

Q. Are there any different pricing options?

Yes. As anxiety is reactive to different social situations, the material will be constantly updated to consider different social situations; this means the course will be updated four times a year. If you choose the 'Direct Action Exclusive' option you will get provided the updated material before other students; the Exclusive offer lasts for 2 years from when you buy.

Q. Can I request a refund on my purchase?


Q. Do you have a loyalty programme?

Yes. If you purchase the 'Direct Action Exclusive Option' you will get a 10% off your next purchase with Direct Action. The next course 'Direct Action Change Now: Assertiveness' will launch next month.

Q. If I sign-up for the basic version of the course, can I upgrade to the Exclusive option later?

Yes; it is easy to upgrade at any time. At the end of the course there is a special link for you to pay the difference in price.

Q. How I long do I have access to the course?

Forever! After enrolling you will have access to the course for as long as necessary and across any devices you own. If you want to view the updated material with the Upgrade option, you can do this at any time.


<span style="font-weight: bold;">GREAT FACTS .</span>
Try the quizzes to find out how anxious you are, learn about what anxiety is and why it happens and get the facts on anxiety disorders.  
<span style="font-weight: bold;">GREAT TIMING&nbsp; .&nbsp;</span>
Working from home, home-schooling, working and teaching, or having to head to work, the course material offers strategies to help you during this crisis.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">GREAT RELAXATION .&nbsp;</span>
Whether it is Guided Meditation, Mindfulness or Yoga, the course offers 30 strategies to relax ... there is even one for the entire family to get involved in.  
<span style="font-weight: bold;">GREAT FOOD&nbsp; .&nbsp;</span>
From swift breakfasts, to filling lunches  the whole family will love such as the chilli burger,  takeaway dinners like a chicken curry and kitchen treats to boost your sugar level when you need a lift,  they are all included in the plan. 
Course material currently is in English; specimen material is in many languages; if there are any errrors in conversion please check this page and assoociated links; contact me to let me know if there are any errors so these can be amended.