BLOG ENTRY: 13th July 2020
A regular problem I encounter is anxiety. So, it seemed a good idea to come up with an online course to apply the skills used in client sessions to help ease stress without booking a session.
It all seemed straight-forward.
However, that was February, a world away from from now. Lockdown made that idea far from easy.
This is why my course is so very important to publish, as wherever we are in the world we are all facing the same trepidation as we progress through this epidemic.
I am not a Psychologist, although, I do have two degrees in Psychology, and in the material I have tried to relate my own experiences to the situation; I know it has changed me. Has it changed you?
The course itself is not associated with the Coronavirus, rather a helpful resource to ease anxiety. This is a very important point to make from the outset, as anxiety is fluid and will adapt to different situations we face. Therefore, the course will be published four times a year for the next five years and will consider the situations we are in at that current time. That was an important part of its premise, as so many self-help books produce specific knowledge; yet anxiety is not linear and has always an adaptive social dimension.
Nevertheless, this situation must be addressed as the epidemic will affect every cell in our body. The whole world has, and I am sure will do again, had one bad day together. It’s not like one person is having a tough time. That is why I chose to provide the example material in different global languages. After all, we are all in this together.
So, what have I discovered? Even though lockdown has bought about physical social distance, there is a psychological connectedness between us all, a shared understanding to Be Kind that may have been less obvious before lockdown. Personal connections have been made tighter, particularly through the power of technology, so none of us are ever alone.
I wanted to finalise the material a month ago, but a further complication I encountered was this situation was rapidly changing. So, I frustratingly had to put it on hold for a while longer. But now it is ready to view - check it out here.
You will find the course hosted by Learning Worlds at their platform; I hope you find the material useful. I have drawn on psychology to explore the reasons situations like this are so tough; there are plans to help with working from home, homeschooling, managing home and family wherever you are in the world; plenty of meditation exercises and a selection of my favourite meals in a meal plan.
I am not a trained chef, but as the course explains, I found learning to cook a way of diverting stress into a good outcome. Rather than me being wound up, I would make a meal which I could enjoy myself or to enjoy with family and friends. And, in turn, I found it eased my anxiety. Now it is just an interest that I have a passion for whatever the time of day. Cooking up a nice meal is no longer a need to distract me from anxiety; I love heading to my kitchen and coming up with a great home-cooked meal. Whatever it is, whether it’s a quick breakfast, easy brunch, soup to fill you up whatever the time of day or a slow-cooked casserole for dinner it is relaxing to make and cosy to enjoy. But, this course shows the important meditative rituals of eating are as good as the preparation ... that is all I will say for now!
Speak soon, Chris :)
Check out the course now; Direct Action Change Now: Anxiety will be avaliable to download from 21st July 2020 on the Learning Worlds platform. An updated version will be released in October; those who purchase the Exclusive option will automatically be provided with the revised format.