Are You Getting Enough Sleep ...?

Over the next three weeks I will be exploring the science behind zzzzs. I will also be trying out a variety of strategies to get a good night’s sleep.
But before that, it’s time to be honest about how much sleep you get. I am asking as you may not be entirely sure!
So, this weekend, or on your next day off, take Chris’s 10 Minute Challenge! I say weekend or a day off as you may ACTUALLY need time for this!
All you need to do is lie comfortably under your duvet (not as you are going to sleep for night) and see if you can stay away for ten minutes!!!
Let me know how you get on by tweeting me @DirectActionLC whether you did stay awake, if you fell asleep and for how long for. Use the
# Chriss10MinuteChallenge.
Whatever you find, it will show you if you are getting enough sleep each night.
Night Night!
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