A successful business or organization is dependent on how well workers interact.
Therefore, I help clients to review their natural communicaion styles; any instructions or specific procedural details provided; how these are understood by others and the effects of the interaction.
Moreover, I can suggest to you situations where Management / workers communications or interactions need to be modified to enable better outcomes.
With the Coronavirus leading to more individuals working from home, and being dependent on online communication, this can also cause confusion between staff members which could reduce output. I can also assist with this, either by reviewing your online chat; through providing an online workshop on how to use chat effectively or supplying you a guide on the psychology behind chatting online and guidance on how to use it successfully.
Change Now by getting in touch with me today! All consultations are online via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Life-coaching can help with a variety of problems or to help you get set on a challenge. Contact me on directactionlifecoach@gmail.com or on 07544 899 681.


Direct Action Change Now: Anxiety Course has now launched, and this includes working from home time plans.