If you are going through a difficult time there is really no point in having to live through the tougher moments. So, why not be prepared?
Make life easier for yourself by creating an emergency toolkit. Simply place the suggested items in a bag and place it somewhere you know where it is. Then when a bad day happens, simply dig into the bag for something to cheer you up. Here are a few suggestions: -

A ten pound note put aside for a trip to the cinema and popcorn.
A bottle of bubble bath and scented candle.
Comfy clothes and a DVD.
A novel you can cuddle up on the sofa and read.
A voucher to allow you to enjoy an episode of your favourite show (make the voucher yourself!)

Once you use an item don’t forget to update for next time! You probably will find it all seems easier to cope with once you have some time out. That's why I call it a toolkit, it may help you through the difficult situation.
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