Although, this workshop will not offer a solution to every problem, it will provide a structure to general problem solving. The course is 6 hours and is charged at £80.00 per person, per hour. The course covers: -
  • Friendly ice-breaker.
  • An over-view of the problem-solving process.
  • Strategies to identify the relevant information and the significant questions to ask.
  • The process to ensure the solution is met within a set deadine..
  • Methods to define a position in the correct terms.
  • How to write problem-solving statements.
  • Brain-storming exercises to initiate idea development.
  • Strategies, such as group voting and cost-benefit analysis to evaluate desired outcomes.
  • Final analysis and tests to determine a successful outcome.
  • Work-shop summary and de-brief.
The overall price includes a 30 minute consultation to determine any specifics you would like me to include. Please call me on 07544 899681 to discuss.
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