Something Changed Overnight on 23rd March. We Had To Work From Home. How Are You Getting On Communicating With Your Team?

Change Now.

I love leading this course as I specialised in computer-mediated communication during my BSc and Discourse Analysis in my MSc. 

Attendees of 'Direct Action Change Now: Better Communication' 8 hour workshop will learn:
  • How clear speaking will provide clearer strategies.
  • Strategies to structure coherent, logical and straight-forward ideas.
  • Methods to be persuasive in meetings and presentations - how to do this online.
  • Ways to create focussed communication which will lead to swift and effective objectives being met during meetings and other formal situations.
  • Helpful strategies to overcome difficult questions and methods to delay answers to consider a response.
  • Communication methods to overcome conflict.
  • Ways to summarise ideas to other respondents.
  • The psychology of communication and how effective it is without vocally making the statement through visual cues or physical messaging.
  • How technological design can direct how well we interact with others online.
  • Why the loss of cues can affect how well we communicate online.
  • The differences between physical and online communication.
  • Why how well the computer-mediated communication is understood will influence productivity/output.
  • The effects on group dynamics when interfacing with computer-mediated communcation.
  • Suggested protocols to aid good online communication.