• Conducted online, making them easy to organise.
  • Cost effective as the entire staff or team are learning at the same time.
  • Important as the information is up-to-date and means questions can be asked at the same time.
  • Social events, bringing employees together who might not necesarily see each other.
  • Fun, with plenty of quizzes and exercises to enable attendees to truly understand the subject area.
  • . . . and more; all you have to do is ask.

As you cannot see the person, it is imperative customer service over the telephone is clearly understood by both parties.

I love doing this workshop, as I specialised in call centre interaction as part of my MSc and because of the hybrid space the communication is conducted in,

it can go wrong so easily, yet there are simple strategies to overcome this.

Change Now .

Attendees of 'Direct Action Change Now: Customer Service Call Centres' 8 hour workshop will: -
  • Show how to gain as much knowledge about the caller and their situation within several minutes of the call beginning.
  • Teach how to listen effectively.
  • Inform how to use cue-words to get to the centre of the situation swiftly (Please note: I am not reffering to a script, which I do not advocate as it means is likey the caller's situation will likely not be understood).
  • Demonstrate specific communication techniques, such as how to ask direct questions, how the way something is said will affect how it is understood and negotiation techniques.
  • Provide ways to avoid conflict, and if it does arise, how to reduce it switly.
  • Give relaxation techniques, such as swift breathing exercies, to ease difficult phone calls.
  • Provide a pack of numerous supportive resources to take away, which will be useful to dealing with various typpees of phone calls which cannot be detailed in the time-scale of the course.