• Conducted online, making them easy to organise.
  • Cost effective as the entire staff or team are learning at the same time.
  • Important as the information is up-to-date and means questions can be asked at the same time.
  • Social events, bringing employees together who might not necesarily see each other.
  • Fun, with plenty of quizzes and exercises to enable attendees to truly understand the subject area.
  • . . . and more; all you have to do is ask.

When Working In Customer Service, It Is Pivotal To Your Business That The Customer Has A Good Experience.

Change Now.

Attendees of 'Direct Action Change Now: Customer Service Shops' 8 hour workshop will:
  • Identify what is a good customer experience.
  • Outlines what would be a bad customer experience.
  • Applies positive customer experience to the specific location for your business; considers the physical, psychological and communication elements to your soecific location.
  • Considers why change is benefiicial in a business environment.
  • Discusses Customer - Focussed Behaviours.
  • Uses an 'Influence & Impact' model to test out ideas to establish how successful they will be.
  • Help to produce a Customer Service Statement, which will direct expect service for all staff.
  • Defines strategies to ensure good group dynamics remain cohesive for all staff members, even when on a shift and not seeing other individuals.
  • Provide a pack of numerous supportive resources to take away.