• Conducted online, making them easy to organise.
  • Cost effective as the entire staff or team are learning at the same time.
  • Important as the information is up-to-date and means questions can be asked at the same time.
  • Social events, bringing employees together who might not necesarily see each other.
  • Fun, with plenty of quizes and exercises to enable attendees to truly understand the subject area.
  • . . . and more; all you have to do is ask.

Staff or team members meeting deadlines effciently is vital for businesses to thrive.

Change Now.

Attendees of 'Direct Action Change Now: Time Management'' 8 hour workshop will:-
  • Learn how to manage priorities and tasks.
  • Be given strategies to work effectively.
  • Be shown how to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.
  • Be provided with methods to feel in control allowing you to seperate out your work and personal life.
  • Be given exercises to help deal with anxiety and stress, which means deadlines can be met irrespective of how difficult the siuation is.
  • Be provided with time-planning methods to enable meetings to last for a specific duration and not over-run.
  • Be shown how to deal with unexpected situations such as reactions from others, interuptions and unexpected communications.
  • Be given time to develop short, medium and long-term plans; how to manage them by compartmentalising them into smalller objectives and how to ensure they are met; methods incorporating meditation to help long-term objectives remain relevant in the short-term.
  • Include a pack of resources for individuals to take away and use in the workplace.