• Conducted online, making them easy to organise.
  • Cost effective as the entire staff or team are learning at the same time.
  • Important as the information is up-to-date and means questions can be asked at the same time.
  • Social events, bringing employees together who might not necesarily see each other.
  • Fun, with plenty of quizes and exercises to enable attendees to truly understand the s ubject area.
  • . . . and more; all you have to do is ask.

Feel The Need To Improve Staff Wellness?

Want to:-

Motivate colleagues

Reduce abseentism

Improve employee mindset

Increased output

Make objectives happen swiftly, easily and without stress

The Direct Action Change Now: Wellness Workshop will ensure these objectives are met.

The outcomes will be: -

Better physical health   .­­
Workplace wellness can, though not always, be associated with negative output. This point is no more important than ever now, because of the Coronavirus epidemic, whereby many businesses stability is reliant on workers ability to work from home. Therefore, employee wellness is important here to maintain as Managers cannot just ask staff to pop by for a chat and there are the lifestyle challenges of home-working. If this is a concern, my free course 'Action 5 Working From Home' will be helpful for you and your team.
Nevertheless, employees may be suffering from work-related anxieties, decreased motivation or reduced interest. As a Manager or Line Manager, you may not be aware of this. Employees may not feel happy to be open about their feelings, and whilst you cannot force staff to talk, one main objective of the workshop is to bring everyone together to be aware it is good to express feelings and confront any negative issues. This business sense, as a happy healthy workplace will increase work output. You may also find my service checking - out whether systems are in place to promote positivity in your workplace helpful.

Change Now.

Attendees of Direct Action Change Now: Workplace Wellness 8 hour course will: -
  • Consider what is within their own comfort zone, i.e. actions they are happy with, and work or tasks which are anxiety inducing.
  • Review how actions influence individual behaviour and the reactions of others.
  • Detail how negativity influences communication and interaction.
  • Be provided ripple strategies to develop trust and encouragement, which will also open-up communication, social interaction, creativity and potential.
  • Learn about the positive and negative effects of anxiety.
  • Demonstrates how Guided Meditation and Mindfulness can be used in the workplace to reduce anxiety.
  • Include an extensive pack of further resources to take away which will continue this holistic approach after the course is over . 

I offer one-to-one workplace wellness sessions for employees which is a great way to follow-up the workshop; learn about this here.
I can offer this course for staff working for a business or company on a freelance or consultancy basis: these staff members are as important as those working on site.