Life-coaching can help reverse procrastination. For instance, we can assess how far you put things off; discuss the cost of procrastinating and use exercises to flip negative ideas, i.e. delay, to move actions forward. As procrastination can be a form of self-harm, we will also discuss how to look after yourself as a method to reverse the behaviour; strategies to overcome putting things off; marking accomplishments when they happen and noting patterns that cause tendencies to delay actions. I can help now; book a session by contacting me on or on 07544 899 681.  Life-coaching is carried out online over Zoom or FaceTime or over the phone.
Is there something that is preventing  you Right Now from from enjoying the moment?  Is procrastination something you are good at?  
Putting off something may appear rational to you, but the outcome could be ruining what could be a nice time. So are you deliberately putting something off which could be dealt with swiftly and in turn bring you a fairly worry-free pleasant day ? Be honest with yourself.  Whatever it is, do something about it now as procrastination won't make you happy.