Getting customer service correct can be a difficult task and this workshop tries to apply the psychology to customer care and summarises the key principles. I offer this course as either a 4 hour session, either a morning or afternoon, or a full-day, lasting 8 hours. Both include: -

  • Friendly icebreaker;
  • Reviewing the latest theories into understanding the psychology of customer service.
  • Understanding and using clear everyday language;
  • Creating a Vision Statement for customer service;
  • Producing a Service Vision Statement;
  • Defining what is good acceptable service standards;
  • Considering service-focussed communication skills;
  • Explaining strategies to maintain good customer satisfaction;
  • Focussing in on strategies to quickly problem solve;
  • De-brief.
A full day workshop will go into more depth and there will be greater application. Because of timing, I can only apply to specific situations in your workplace on the full-day option. The full day course includes a free 30 minute consulation to discuss any specifics you would like me to include.
Each workshop, both half-day and full day, are charged at £80.00 per person per hour. Please call me on 07544 899681 to discuss.
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