Food and mood really go together. If you don’t eat well then you are not going to manage any situation.
It is not just about eating properly. It is important to have three regular meals a day to keep your blood sugar levels maintained. I know only too well the mistake of ignoring breakfast, as I hate cereal and I am not a fan of eggs, and my mood came crashing down. I found myself weak, tired and anxious.
The connection between eating and maintaining a healthy mental outlook is important particularly if you are trying to lose weight or are trying to shape up, as if you remove specific food groups you will not get the nutrients you need in order for you to maintain a positive mood.
For instance, decreased zinc, iron, vitamin B, vitamin D, magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids can lead to mood swings and irritability.
Although direct links between diet and mental well being are alimited, research has found diet can contribute to the development of disorders, such as anxiety, as well as the management of them.
For instance, eating too many foods which include processed carbohydrates, such as white bread, can lead to blood sugars to rise and fall intermittently and be difficult to control, bringing on low energy and heightened anxiety. Too many fast foods can actually reduce how attentive you are. Drinking too many caffeinated beverages can increase anxiety as they inadvertently trigger the Flight or Response, which occurs when a perceived threat or attack to you. Therefore, the caffeine can make anxiety appear worse or trigger an anxiety attack.
During the launch night of Direct Action Life Coaching Services guests were informed I suffered with crippling anxiety attacks after I had a major significant and unexpected bereavement. To elaborate I learned multiple strategies to cope with these anxieties, but one approach which was life changing for me was maintaining a healthy diet and exploring foods and dishes which would maintain healthy wellbeing.  I have featured my favourite personally designed recipes from across the day, which include nourishing soups, healthy versions of our favourite takeaways, filling salads, great weekend breakfast ideas and brunch suggestions. Click below to start searching for your next meal.
The meal suggestions may be helpful for those working on shits: a topic in the A-Z to Better Business Sense covers this in more detail. Check out the link below.
Make sure you Feed Your Soul. Chris :)
This May, Direct Action is launching its Anxiety Course which includes over 25 new recipes in a radical plan to make your life easier. More information soon.
Do you feel life-coaching could be useful for you to seek direction? All consultations are online via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Life-coaching can help with a variety of problems or to help you get set on a challenge. Contact me on or on 07544 899 681.

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