A Berry Good Way To Start The Day.

GOOD YOU BECAUSE ... berries contain Vitamin C which will bolster your immune system.

Meal Maker.

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... with corriander seeds included, this recipe is good for your brain, as corriander is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it can help reduce swelling caused by Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis meaning this spice can safeguard against these.

Munch on Brunch ...

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... this recipe will give you a good start to the day and will keep hunger at bay! Eggs contain a significant amount of protein which will reduce cravings between meals. What's more, protein will help you have a healthy bone mass. Great stuff...!

Holiday Vibe ...

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... you won't need a suitcase! With this recipe you will be transported to white-washed villages, and thanks to the fibre and antioxidants in the sweet potato good gut health too!

Brunch Or Lunch ...?

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... whatever time of day, this meal will fill you up. But thanks to the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which is found in avocados, this meal will help look after your eyes. See, how good is that?

A Quick Fix ...

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... and it will maintain your body too! Lentils will fill you up for longer and as they contain protein, minerals, fibre, Vitamin B and fibre which is good for your heart as it reduces cholesteral. You can't go wrong with this recipe ...

Simply. Awesome. Flavours.

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... this recipe is a great winter warmer, particulary as chilli is known to boost immunity and may keep also colds and flu at bay.


GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... this recipe you are also eating for good health with the beans providing many benefits including lowering blood sugar, strengthens your bones and teeth thanks to the calcium supply and has an extensive amount of folate meaning this recipe is perfect during pregnancy.

Wholesome Winter Warmer...

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... this recipe will bolster your immune system thanks to the pearl barley, which includes antioxidants and phytochemicals.

A Citrus Surprise

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... lemons are full of benefits ... reducing chances of strokes, preventing asthma and good for your skin.

Swift & Souperb

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... beetroot is a super-food, as it is reduces cancer because it contains anti-carcinogens.

Get Set For Those Autumn Days

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... as autumn turns into winter, this soup will prevent you from colds, flu and even pneumonia thanks to the significant supply of Vitamin C parsnips provides.

Nourishing lunch

BUONO PER TE PERCHÉ ...: È fantastico, in quanto è l'ingrediente principale di questa zuppa! Aggiunge un sapore favoloso ed è ottimo per te: può alleviare qualsiasi mal di stomaco, fa bene alla pelle e può migliorare il tuo umore!:)

Great Tastes From The Heart Of The Sea

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... this recipe will definitely Feed Your Soul with salmon being laden with Vitamin B, which contribute to important processes such as turning food into energy.

Great To Enjoy With Friends & Family

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... Wow! What a salad! Walnuts are known to help protect against heart disease, as does smoked salmon. Avocado contains a significant amount of Vitamin K, , which helps look after your bone health and prevent Osteoporosis.

Forever Summer

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ...this meal has fabulous health benefits. Eating cheese is healthier than you think with it containing Zinc, which helps memory, the source of Calcium in cheese means it will support women in pregnancy right the way through to helping stimulate contractions during labour and it also contains Vitamin B which will aid good skin.

Monday Lunch

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... Sweet Potatoes are just fab! In the many health benefits eating sweet potatoes will help vision and brain function.

Ultimate GastroSalad

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ..who'd have thought steak was so nutrious? To list a few benefits, it prevents iron deficiency, it helps your mental health and cares for your hair!

A Tasty Reminder Of Long Forgotten Summer Get-Togethers

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... this recipe includes Greek yoghurt which is a a probiotic may lower blood pressure.

Warming & Filling

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... the paprika will keep all of you well; it will help heal any wounds you may have. aid good digestion, prevents hair loss and maintains the colour of your hair!

Making You Feel Warm Inside

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... ginger is by far one of the most noteworthy spices out there! It has anti-inflamatory qualities; it can treat nausea so perfect for morning sickness, may protect against cancer and is good at combating indigestion.

Fill Yourself Up For Longer...

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... you can't go wrong with lentils; they are a nutritional bomb and extremely affordable. What's more they will fill you up without added calories. Red peppers are fab too, as they contain 200 per cent of your daily Vitamin C intake.

Sunday Dinner

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... sage, an ingredient featured in this recipe, helps memory, this meal wiill help your brain too!

Quick & Easy Midweek Meal

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... the Marmite included will keep you heart healthy, as well as preparing you for a good night's sleep.

Made in 30 minutes. Guaranteed.

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... Balsamic Vinegar can help make you less congested when suffering with a cold, so you will also feel better in 30 minutes!

A Classic Cook-Ahead Treat

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... with it containing pearl barley, you will get a sufficient amount of fibre and Vitamin B.

My Mum Would Have Loved This.

Spring Into This Infusion Takeaway.

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... the rainbow of ingredients will help control blood pressure.
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