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Sounds like something out of Star Trek, right?
In fact, the Starship Captains could have found this strategy useful in the many catastrophes they experienced over the years, as Force Field Analysis is a useful problem solving approach.
But back To Now!
Whether it is a workplace problem like coming up with new ideas or devising a presentation; trying to get a new job or seeking promotion,  this approach may be helpful to you. The model considers how decision making is influenced by internal and external forces. Normally individual choice and exterior forces are balanced but in some situations this balance goes out of cilter, meaning it is impossible to make a decision.
Force Field Analysis (FFA for short) addresses this issue as it is a goal setting exercise which will consider thoughts, feelings and behaviours with an objective to meet a desired outcome.
It has 4 stages:-

1. Defining The Goal.
2. Listing Hindering/Restraining Forces.
3. Coping strategies considered.
4. Faciliating Forces listed.
4. Plan of Action created.

Here is how it works ...
1. Defining The Goal
Write down the goal down in a few words. This goal must be Specific, Realistic and Attainable. I bet you are wondering what I mean? Well, to say "I want a promotion" is not Specific or Measurable. In contrast, "I want to be promoted in next six months" is a goal that could be reached.
2. Listing Hindering/Restraining Forces
This step defines the obstacles, both physical and psychological, which may restrict you from meeting the desired objective.
3. Coping strategies considered.
Consider ways of overcoming the obstacle. For instance, if it is focussing on not being offered the job and the failure of being given a knock-back this must be addressed. You could remind yourself the promotion does not mean everything. If it is intense anxiety write this down and put it close by so you can see it and be reminded of it regularly.
4. Faciliating Forces listed.
The forces here are postive, which can guide the objective met. For instance, people, places or items which can help. During this stage you should think of people or places that you might not always turn to to make this aim a reality.
5. Plan of Action created.
The Facilitating Forces listed along with coping mechanisms with Restraing Forces, will make your aim be specific and will provide a step-by-step action plan.

Try this process yourself by downloading my FFA resource below.

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