Team building workshops are extremely useful when you are at the start of a group formation, for instance, when a new project commences involving new employees, may be from other departments or locations.
It can also be useful as part of an induction process for university students beginning a University course, new colleagues joining a business or organization to aid integration or when a project is struggling, i.e. the team appear conflicted or when the objective appears difficult to meet.
I offer this course as either a 4 hour session, either a morning, or afternoon or a full-day, lasting 8 hours. Both include: -

  • Encouraging icebreaker;
  • Establishing what all participants own individual objectives are;
  • Establishing skill similarities in group members;
  • Establishing skill differences between group members;
  • Identifying the strengths of each team member and how this relates to the overall group dynamics;
  • Developing swift team building skills, essential if the workshop is designed to boost output in a struggling a group or a projuct is proving to meet the original proposal set;
  • Suggesting strategies to reflect on individual development and evaluation as to how this relates to the social cohesion of the entire group and its overall long-term objective;
  • Understanding the components as to what makes up a team and what makes a group;
  • Learning about the social psychological processes which get group dynamics right;
  • A de-briefing.

A full day workshop will go into more depth and there will be greater application. Because of timing, I can only apply to specific situations in your workplace on the full-day option. The full day course includes a free 30 minute consulation to discuss any specifics you would like me to include.
Each workshop, both half-day and full day, are charged at £80.00 per person per hour. Please call me on 07544 899681 to discuss.
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