Has anyone asked you what do you want to get from life? And I am sure you, like I do, find that question really annoying. The question is huge and could mean anything.
So, how about this? Ask yourself what you want to change? Download my free resource and decide for yourself which aspects of your life you want to make different.
For each area of the Wheel of Life give yourself a score out of 10: 10 being Happy and 1 being Unhappy.
Look at any areas of the life wheel where you have scores are under 7. In these areas ask yourself how you would like these areas to appear in twelve months. Don’t be complicated in your responses. Make simplistic statements such as 'I want to find love’, ‘try for a family’, ‘get a promotion.'
The risk when deciding to make a change is you can simply have an idea but float through life thinking it will happen sometime. This will never lead to something being different for you until you work out what it is you specifically want and address how you are going to make the change happen. By completing this Exercise you will become a visionary for your own future. Be the architect and make some plans. Go on ...

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