A regular problem I see with clients is that they are not happy at work. A major consequence of this for employers or business owners is reduced outout.
However, this session, alongside my workshop 'Direct Action Change Now: Wellness Workshop', will help.
This 90 minute session includes: -
  • Assessment of lifestyle factors which may influence happiness.
  • A plan of action associated to areas which could be changed, i.e. getting more sleep; reduced stress, how to manage heavy worloads; dealing with expectations.
  • Identifying what is important to the client.
  • Considerations as to the values associated with the client's job and business/or organization.
  • Strategies to seek job satisfaction and how to use them at work.
  • Practices to ensure a healthy work-life balance meaning work compliments the clients personal and/or social lives as well as better work output.
Change Now by getting in touch with me today! All consultations are online via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Life-coaching can help with a variety of problems or to help you get set on a challenge. Contact me on directactionlifecoach@gmail.com or on 07544 899 681.