I feel how you must be feeling; the Government measures which were put in place yesterday to beat the Corona Virus have shocked us all. And, whilst these are right to help the country beat this hidden enemy, the knock-on-effect of stress will feel overwhelming. It is not just a natural anxiety over a world far from the normal one we experienced just 24 hours ago, now long forgotten, but a concern over whether our businesses can survive the next months. So, how do you try to control these worries? Here are my thoughts ...

I know! Is that possible? Human instinct kicked in during the press conference yesterday and a paralysing fear took over, not just over how no social contact will become a scary situation worthy of a science fiction film script, but how our businesses will survive. So, reacting by freezing up over fear is a fairly understandable response. And, even hours on, if you are still feeling a sense of shock do not punish yourself.  It is a natural response to an ever-developing and worrying situation for you, your business and your own personal situation. But, you will defrost, thankfully! And, as this happens, you will find an acceptance of how things have changed and this will help you move forward. Accepting what has happened may not be an easy business skill to grasp, as you generally can make a difference to whatever you are facing in the world of work, but in this instance there is not much you can do about it.  To ease your stress you have to first accept that. Once you have this, you can make considerations over your business and how it will be affected in the world we are currently living in. It is a great feeling to know we all share your worries and are with you all the way.
Watching your own patterns as to what stresses you will try to balance out the anxieties you are facing during this difficult time. For instance, it is natural to watch a news channel to take in the day's changing events, just don't over-do it as it will trigger your anxieties. The same could be said for social media as you may find discussions can blow things out of porportion. Notice what it is that makes you worried and try to find a sense of balance by not over-doing certain behaviours. And, in some situations you may need to avoid them completely. This will not happen instantly, you may have to programme yourself to avoid certain actions: writing them down may help find direction and provide reminders as to when they occur.
I can only reiterate in this situation we need to consider how our mental health affects who we are as individuals. This is so very important as we should never believe mental health is a stigma and it is so important to accept this. And, when we do not know how long this distorted version of the everyday is to last, and changing news on a 24-hour basis, this uncertainty will no doubt add to your anxieties and concerns related to your business. Therefore, give yourself a break! Try Mindfulness, breathe properly eat-well through feeding your soul with healthy food, take exercise and call loved-ones or friends as they will help you connect with the outside world. More importanty, remind yourself that the stress of the business will harm your mental well-being if you do not get it under control. It will also mean your decisions will not be rational as you are using anxious thoughts to make business decisions and this is not a good idea!
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