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Have you ever thought about keeping a journal? I know, it may not sound exciting, but the benefits of starting one may be significant for you.
Whether or not you are going through a difficult time it’s worthwhile, as writing down your feelings will help you develop and maintain a sense of self. Through recording your thoughts, feelings or interpretation of the days events, will instigate a form of reflection which will help you understand your yourself and the world around you.
For instance, you may be able to interpret causes for certain reasoning. It also helps produce mindfulness as through writing down how you feel controls the wandering mind. What’s more, it is your private space to log whatever you want. For instance, words or drawings, reflective as to how you feel about previous events or can look ahead to the future through logging what needs to be done or how to meet a specific objective.
There are endless benefits to logging your feelings. No more so than you will understand yourself better and, in turn, be inspired.