Instant Action Programmes do not help every problem. They are designed for individuals wanting to solve a fairly swift issue such as whether to take a job offer, make a personal or professional move or how to deal with a problem that is bothering you. These are several examples, but there must be some progression already on your problem, dilemma or challenge. It could be you are unsure of the progress and need some assistance seeking guidance.
The package includes: -
  • 1 x 90 minute session
  • 3 x 30 minute sessions
  • Unlimited phone calls and emails over the programme duration.
  • A defined plan helping you make the change.
In Session One, a plan of action will be designed to help you make the change or changes you want to meet. and sub-targets will bet devised to create building blocks which will ensure that the change happens. These will be allocated specific deadlines during the programmme, which wiill coincide with one of the three thirty minute sessions. Each session will review your progress, make any amendments and alter objectives. The programme normally lasts a month.
Please get in touch to discuss what you would like to change, and to see whether it works with my instant plan. Don't worry, if it doesn't my Direct Action Change Now Programme will be useful instead.