It is natural to feel nervous before an interview. So, it is natural you want to control your nerves.

Finding the balance between healthy anxiety and nerves crippling you is tough.
Here are my tips on How To Relax ...
1. Ask yourself 'what am I nervous of?' Through isolating the fears down you will identify what you need to do and how to address the issues.
2.Knowledge Is Personal Power. A major reason candidates are not prepared is that they have not done enough research and this increases anxiety. On a piece of paper list what you know; then fill in the gaps. Who is conducting the interview? What does their LinkedIn profile say? Who are their contacts and why are they relevant ? What are their responsibilties at the company? Google, Google, Google. What interesting facts can you find about the company? How does it relate to the role? Also, look at what is missing? Could this be a question you could ask the interviewer if needed? Don't forget, you hold the power, so use it!
3. Remind yourself why 'I want the position.' Write this statement on top of a piece of paper and list your skills or interests unique to the position.
4. Reherse! Practice makes perfect, and this will ease your nerves. If you can, devise unexpected questions and repeat practicing with friends and family. Try not to appear too polished; film yourself responding and evaluate. Seek further help if needed.
5. Avoid Worrying For The Sake Of It! It's going to be stressful enough for you, so why make it harder? Get your clothes ready, print CVs and any associated materials the day before to avoid problems that may arise on the day of the interview. Planning where you need to be is important .... don't forget to be fifteen minutes early.
6. Don't be entirely virtual! If the interview is over Zoom choose your location carefully and give yourself time to this. After all, you don't want to wonder if the location is right on the day. Working from home has its benefits, it also means that the interviewer knows more about you. Take anything away you don't want to share and go for a less personal space if you prefer.
7. Avoid thinking the interview as scary. Do this from the outset to prevent it being amplified into something else. Flip these negative and unhelpful thoughts into positives by considering it's a session for you and the interviewer to learn about each other.
8. You can do this. Visualise what success looks like for you; have positive affirmations to remind yourself you can do whatever you want. Write these and scatter around your home to programme your mind for success.
9. STOP! As you wait for the interview STOP! Literally, stop what you are doing; take deep breathes in and out for one minute; observe the moment rather than thinking facts and pause in The Now by reminding yourself you are prepared through doing a calming activity like reading a book and give your mind a rest.
10. Well Done You. Irrespective as to how the interview went, congratulate yourself, do something nice, and avoid ruining the moment reviewing the process.
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