It can be stessful applying for a job, writing a presentation or preparing or tweaking a CV. If you agree with any of this, you are in the right place as Direct Action can help you with all of this.
Clients tell me regularly that they feel directionless when writing a job application, producing a presentation or writing a CV as it is impossible to know where to start or to state what is expected of you.
This session, no matter where you are in the application process, will unconfuse things and identify the relevant information that you need quickly.
This session includes: -
  • Visualization techniques will help you get inside the mind of a potential employer making it easier to identify what they want.
  • Strategies to decide whether the role is for you.
  • Techniques to identify your strengths and how to associate these to the job requirements.
  • Methods to understand what specific questions in the form is asking of you and how to filter out irrelevant information.
  • Draft some answers together as a guide to completing the form.
This session includes: -
  • Clarifying the brief and if you have made a presentation reviewing what you have produced so far.
  • If you have not started working on this, we can develop some ideas; tips on what to do and design aspects to avoid.
  • Mini-confidence and assertiveness workshops to help you overcome anxiety when making the presentation.
  • Discussion on breathing and timing strategies.
  • If possible, rehersing the presentation and using this to make both changes to your presentation skills and the material itself.
  • Techiques to prepare for the day of the presentation: this includes Guided Meditation and planning strategies.
  • Learn how to distinguish yourself from others intantly.
  • Identify your strengths and how to summarise these briefly; catching the readers attention.
  • Clarify what the CV should inform others, Guided Meditation will help you get clarity.
  • Advice on how to know where to draw the line from selling yourself and over-doing it.
  • Positive narratives to overcome employment gaps or negative employment situattions.
  • Methods on how to express yourself and catch your readers attention.
  • Positive therapy to help you enlarge on the person you describe in your CV at a possible interview.
If you would like feedback on an individual CV I offer a feedback and edit service. All you need to do is email me the CV in a Word format and I will make suggested edits. This will include areas that may be useful to enlarge on at a possible interview and how to do this.
Change Now by getting in touch with me today! All consultations are online via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Life-coaching can help with a variety of problems or to help you get set on a challenge. Contact me on or on 07544 899 681.