Warming & Filling

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... the paprika will keep all of you well; it will help heal any wounds you may have. Aids good digestion, prevents hair loss and maintains the colour of your hair!

Making You Feel Warm Inside

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... ginger is by far one of the most noteworthy spices out there! It has anti-inflamatory qualities; it can treat nausea so perfect for morning sickness, may protect against cancer and is good at combating indigestion.

Fill Yourself Up For Longer...

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... you can't go wrong with lentils; they are a nutritional bomb and extremely affordable. What's more they will fill you up without added calories. Red peppers are fab too, as they contain 200 per cent of your daily Vitamin C intake.

Sunday Dinner

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... sage, an ingredient featured in this recipe, helps memory, this meal wiill help your brain too!

Quick & Easy Midweek Meal

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... the Marmite included will keep your heart healthy, as well as preparing you for a good night's sleep.

Made in 30 minutes. Guaranteed.

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... Balsamic Vinegar can help make you less congested when suffering with a cold, so you will also feel better in 30 minutes!

A Classic Cook-Ahead Treat

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... with it containing pearl barley, you will get a sufficient amount of fibre and Vitamin B.

My Mum Would Have Loved This.

Spring Into This Infusion Takeaway.

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... the rainbow of ingredients will help control blood pressure.