This exercise is most beneficial if there is a physical place which you find difficult going to because the new normal is different from our own version of normality. For instance, the stress of queueing outside shops is a good example; whatever the anxiety-inducing location is, it must be a place you can visit.

1. Spend time writing down what the issue is with the location. Make the description vivid as possible as though you are actually there; be specific.
2. Now, find somewhere to quickly relax. Sit crossed-legged; close your eyes; remembering you are safe and in a comfortable place. The universe is here to look after you.
3. Try to imagine you are now in the situation where the anxiety emerged. Place yourself in the stressful situation; how does it appear to you? Why do you feel like this? What are the physical obstacles? Can you hear any sounds? If so, what are they? How do they relate to the situation you see yourself in?
4. Try to visualize how you would like it to be and consider the situation differently. Imagine a tornado changing the situation and making it how you would like it to be. What would this include? How would it be easier for you? What would it look like? Are there physical obstacles in the way? How are they different? How does it feel? Try to make this as visual as possible in your mind.
5. As soon as possible after this meditation, revisit the situation you found difficult. As you approach it, imagine the tornado changing the event or scenario to make it look like how you would like it to appear. Hold onto this vision and the positive feelings it encompasses as you complete this activity. Every time you go to this location repeat this stage of the exercise and over time the anxiety will likely disperse as your vision becomes a reality and you will be in control of your own feelings.
This exercise has been adapted from the course material.
Anxiety and stress is a mental process, and to some extent a cognitive procedure, which when handled appropriately will help you deal with some situations well.  However, it can also have an adverse affect if when the body reacts to a situation it responds in the wrong way.  Life-coaching can reverse this process quickly; to book a session, contact me on or on 07544 899 681.