It sounds strange, I know, but parking your worries is the best way to manoeuvre life.
I don’t mean for good! If worries are taking over then allocate yourself a ten minute worry time.
Any worry that muddys your positivity should simply be parked. In a notepad write down the worry. Then forget it until your allocated worry time. Each time you have an anxious thought note it down.
At worry time, ask yourself “is it really a worry?” If it isn’t, simply disregard it. If it is a concern, consider one action that could help change it. Note this down. I know I sound tough in saying this, but try to clear the worries in the ten minutes. This will stop any procrastination.
Over time you will find it becomes easier and you get faster at it. I am sure with practice you will find this process becomes natural that you won’t need specific worry time to deal with your anxieties.
Parking your worries will lead you to live in time rather than delaying it.
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