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Yes to any of the following questions?

Are you desperate to move your career on quickly?

Do you want to use confidence to easily reach your goals?

Do you lack direction?

Do you want time to think about your career options and share these ideas with someone who cares?

Do you want to thrive in your career without anxiety?

Do you feel like a personal career plan would help you?

If you answered Yes to 3 or more, then my Programme of Success is perfect for you. Read on and find out more ...

Completing the 10 sessions will turn your Visions of Success into a reality.

Before the first session, we will have a telephone conversation to determine your work history and personal interests. I will ask you to keep a journal throughout, so you can consider your feelings and reflect on how this is influencing your journey.
In Session 1, I will teach you several Guided Meditation and Mindfulness sessions, as having a healthy mindset is benficial throughout. This does not stop with the way you think, but continues with eating well, which is something I advocate strongly with all my clients as feeding your soul will make you better able to generally think well and focus on the journey. Meditation and a healthy mindset are the basic elements to my Success toolkit.   
Moreover, I will address stress management; how to avoid burnout and how to flip negatives into positive thoughts instantly.
Towards the end of the session, we will develop a specific career plan; this will then be split into 10 seperate targets which you will follow through between sessions. We will meet every 3 weeks, meaning there will be plenty of time for you to complete the objective. Of course, you will not be alone with this, as I will be in regular contact to see how you are getting on.
WHAT are your objectives ... ?
to network better ...?
Your career plan will be designed to address any of the questions above, and no doubt many others you have. The strategies used will consider a process of achieving Success and how to apply it to your own career path without any stress. The positive energy meeting each objective gives you will help you play the game of Success which could lead to a promotion.


  • Provide you with the right support to follow through with your career plan.
  • Provide you clarity as to how you make your dream become a reality.
  • Give you confiidence in the areas of your life you feel weak in.
  • Make you resilient to come-back from any knock-backs and get the drive to reach success.
  • Make swift change happpen.
  • GIve you Success without any stress.
  • Progress you forward allowing you to do whatever you want to do.
Over the ten weeks we will build on your iniitial toolkit through developing leadership skills, strategies on creating a professional impact such as networking, presentations, an impressive CV and noteworthy negotiation skills. These will lead you to the success you deserve.