Clear communication is essential to getting through many situations in life. I find that so many clients need help with this; if you feel like this, my life-coaching sessions in this area will help you find stategies to communicate better. Sessions can help you be more creative; make you more confident; be naturally assertive in situations you have previously found difficult; use communication to help you progress in diffiicult situations or for you to succeed and make you overcome fears in situations where you feel anxious. Change Now by booking a session; contact me on or on 07544 899 681.
Don't forget, good communication is a necessity for good business practice. For instance, in managing meetings or presenting presentations. Also, if you are working for yourself, it can also help individuals to cold-call with confidence. It is also beneficial for success at interview.
Being assertive is key to solid, sound and coherant communication. Direct Action is launching an entire online course, with a free workshop, to help with this soon. Life-coaching is carried out online over Zoom or FaceTime or over the phone.
Life-coaching is carried out online over Zoom or FaceTime or over the phone.
Did you know most people have 150 friends, this includes besties as well as acquaintances? I know, it's a huge number!
It is also noteworthy your close circle of friends is generally composed of 15 people with 35 that you associate with and a further 100 more of an acquaintance. Yet, I find it interesting that recent research has found that 50% of your friends wouldn’t actually call you a mate. What’s more, better friendships may be formed on genetics with 1% sharing the same genes.
So, even though friendships on Facebook and Twitter are now part of our everyday worlds , our companions in the real world are as important. Who are your friends in your close circle? Have you been in touch with all of them recently? If there is someone you have not been in touch with drop them a text or phone them. And are there any of the 35 that could be bought into your social circle? If so get in touch with them. Why not organise a get together and before everyone leaves make sure a new date is organised so people don’t lose touch. The date can always be changed but it’s harder to get back in touch when friends are lost.
Reconnect ... it will be fun! And, you will feel good too.