Ultimately Soothing.

This IS a feel-good soup thanks to the celery being the ultimate healthy vegetable: it is known to aid mood, concentration and sleep.

Simply. Awesome. Flavours.

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... this recipe is a great winter warmer, particulary as chilli is known to boost immunity and may keep also colds and flu at bay.


GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... with this recipe you are also eating for good health with the beans providing many benefits including lowering blood sugar, strengthening your bones and teeth thanks to the calcium supply and has an extensive amount of folate meaning this recipe is perfect during pregnancy.

Wholesome Winter Warmer...

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... this recipe will bolster your immune system thanks to the pearl barley, which includes antioxidants and phytochemicals.

A Citrus Surprise

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... lemons are full of benefits ... reducing chances of strokes, preventing asthma and good for your skin.

Swift & Souperb

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... beetroot is a super-food, as it is reduces cancer because it contains anti-carcinogens.

Get Set For Those Autumn Days

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ...as Autumn turns into Winter, this soup will prevent you from colds, flu and even pneumonia thanks to the significant supply of Vitamin C parsnips provides.

Enjoy Italian Aromas.

BUONO PER TE PERCHÉ ...:È fantastico, in quanto è l'ingrediente principale di questa zuppa! Aggiunge un sapore favoloso ed è ottimo per te: può alleviare qualsiasi mal di stomaco, fa bene alla pelle e può migliorare il tuo umore!:)

Great Tastes From The Heart Of The Sea

GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE ... this recipe will definitely Feed Your Soul with salmon being laden with Vitamin B, which contribute to important processes such as turning food into energy.